5 Reasons Why You Need a Managed Website

Remember how exciting it was to have your first website launched for your small business?

That was a big day. Your business was now online!

Paying for a new website every couple years after that – not quite as exciting.

And when iPhones and smartphones came out? Your website needed a mobile version that wouldn’t break on those small screens that now made up 50% of your web visitors.

Then iPads and tablets became popular – time to rebuild your website again, this time responsive to work well on all screen sizes. You even thought about not upgrading, until you learned that Google would drop your site in search rankings if it wasn’t now mobile-friendly?

And trying to keep it up and running?
Adding content without breaking something? Sure…

I wouldn’t blame you for likening the purchase of a website to buying a car. Both have historically been assets that depreciate from the moment you sign for them, with all sorts of growing expenses and frustrations the older they become.

We think there’s a better way. We call it the Managed Website, and we think it will change the way you feel about your company’s online presence.

Imagine if your website had it’s own built-in staff. Constantly keeping it modern, updated and operating smoothly so that your company’s online presence was always top-notch. Always there to update it for you, and to make sure it is compatible with new devices and technologies.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to move your website from a personal liability, into a truly effective marketing asset?

If that sounds like the answer to your prayers, then here are 5 reasons that your next website should be a managed website:


No Big Up-Front Cost or Risk

The average small business custom website in the US is $5,000-$7,000. Most web design firms will charge a 50% non-refundable down payment, and the remaining balance (50% + any additional fees during development) before launch.

This is a truly significant expenditure for most small business owners. And a risk. If they aren’t happy with the web designer’s work, the best they can hope to salvage is the final payment, leaving them out 50% and starting over.

With a managed website, the are no big up-front costs. And very low risk. By the time you are able to see the website live, you’ve only committed a small setup fee and one month’s payment.

Even better, we are there for the long-haul. Since unlimited updates are included in the Managed Website plan, we can continue to improve your website each and every month after launch.


No Hassling With Technology

Unless you just happen to be passionate about website maintenance, wouldn’t you rather leave all of the initial and day-to-day logistics to us?

We’ll handle the website hosting. It’s included. We’ll make sure that security fixed are implemented as soon as they are issued. Included.

Plugin updates, malware and hacking vulnerability issues? Covered. Any issues once the updates are made? We’ll take care of everything.

In this day and age, most website owners have experienced a website hack. We make daily backups, and proactively scan and protect your website from malware and attacks.

And we provide unlimited content updates. That’s right – you won’t have to learn software and struggle to update your website after launch. You have a web department now!

Simply send us a note with your request and, you guessed it: we’ll handle everything.


Real-World Experience vs Pretty Design

Traditionally, it’s not until the website design and build is complete (and paid for) that your new website sees any use in the real-world. This isn’t good.

A designer’s mockups are proposing at best, an educated guess at what might work well for your customers and leads online. You won’t find out how well they guessed until the website goes live – at which point any changes you discover are needed will be quoted as a new redesign project, since your website bill has already been already paid.

With a managed website, we launch with our best guess too, but it’s only the starting point. We fully expect to start adapting your website once real people start using it. We learn from your website’s visitors and improve the website each and every month.

No surprise additional expenses, or regrets about how your website could have been. Just a marketing department on your team, continually working to more effectively market your business online.


Appreciation vs Depreciation

With a traditional website purchase, your web developer builds the website, accepts your final payment, wishes you the best of luck and is out the door. And at that moment, your website is at it’s peak. Over time, it will become:

  • incompatible with new devices and browsers,
  • aesthetically dated in appearance,
  • and likely stagnant in terms of content (unless you struggle to make website updates yourself)
  • inappropriately configured for modern search engine optimization (SEO)

If content updates aren’t made regularly, search rankings begin to drop. Google doesn’t consider you a good resource for searchers if you haven’t made changes to your website recently.

When new phones, tablets and browsers are released, your website becomes slower and less usable.

And most importantly, as better techniques and technologies are developed to improve internet marketing online, your website will become less competitive and effective than your competition.

Meanwhile, a managed website appreciates in value for you every month. Fresh content updates, the latest in internet marketing techniques and technology, constant compatibility with new devices and browsers – and our best efforts to improve the effectiveness of the website each and every month.

A managed website will continue to evolve and improve, aging like a fine wine.


We’re Here for You as Your Business Grows

As your company grows, you will begin to invest in more outbound and inbound internet marketing. The traditional web designer is ill-suited to provide these services, and likely hasn’t considered them when designing your website.

You’ll have to find a different agency or consultant for that. They’ll likely have many change requests for your website, all of which require engaging with a web developer again.

We instead have built our website platform to be already optimized and prepared for any internet marketing initiatives in the future.

Since we provide internet marketing services – even if you aren’t currently using them – we’ve already built your website with internet marketing in mind. Your website has the exact same features as our highest budget client, from the day that you sign up to our lowest priced plan.

We are a one-stop shop that can handle all of your internet marketing in the future. Our unique add-on marketing services are designed to scale as your business grows, building upon the solid foundation that is your new managed website:

A Unique, Fully-Managed Website

Only $500 to setup, and $195 per month.