Done-For-You Internet Marketing Services

We’ll help you grow your business online.


Your company app, available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Add on the Mobile App Plan if you want to…

  • Build a stronger relationship with your existing customer base
  • Share targeted offers and discounts.
  • Stay top-of-mind on your prospect’s devices
  • Run a loyalty program to increase repeat business

  •    Custom Design & Development
    We will design a custom app to match your online identity.
  •    Published in iOS and Android App Stores
    We will manage the publishing process to make the app available in the Apple and Google App Stores.
  • Compatibility with iPhones, iPads & Android devices
  • Unlimited content updates per month
  •    Customer Loyalty Program
    We will integrate a customer loyalty program that encourages and rewards repeat business.



Bi-weekly blog articles written for you and shared on your website and social media.

Add on the Blogging Plan if you want to…

  • Improve your website rankings on Google
  • Get website visitors to return more than once
  • Have great content to share in your email newsletters
  • Increase the value of your posts on social meda
  • Establish your expertise and reputation

  •    Dedicated Editor
    Your dedicated editor will help strategize and manage your publishing schedule.
  •    Custom Editorial Calendar
    We will work with you to build a publishing schedule that best fits your ongoing online marketing.
  •    Search Engine Optimization
    Your blog article will be optimized to rank well in search engines.
  •    Blog Image Included
    We will provide a great stock image to enhance your blog post.
  •   Original Blog Articles per Month

  • 2-3


Daily social media posts written for you and shared on your Facebook and Twitter business profiles.

Add on the Social Media Marketing Plan if you want to…

  • Grow your social media audience
  • Encourage social sharing of your business
  • Present an active, engaged and professional presence on social media
  • Build a closer relationship with your customer base and prospect list

  •    Once Daily Posting to Facebook
    We will write and publish a custom post to Facebook each day, adjusting the content for proper formatting on that platform.
  •    Once Daily Posting to Twitter
    We will also publish the custom daily post to Twitter each day, adjusting the content for proper formatting on that platform.
  •    Post Images/Illustrations Included
    We will research and include appropriate images and illustrations to enhance the noticeability of social posts.
  •    Promotion of News/Special Offers
    We will also write social posts for any news or special offers and include it in the daily posts.



Design and management of your email newsletters and promotional email blasts.

Add on the Email Marketing Plan if you want to…

  • Grow your mailing list subscriber base
  • Target specific subsets of your mailing list with offers
  • Proactively keep in touch with prospects and past customers
  • Push specials and offers at specific times to specific groups
  • Nurture prospects and past clients until they convert into new sales

  •    Newsletter/E-Blast Template Design
    We will create a custom email newsletter and E-Blast design and test the templates in common email clients for compatibility.
  •    Monthly Newsletter Management
    We will populate recent blog posts, client-supplied news and offers into a monthly newsletter, and send the newsletter to the subscriber list. (*large lists can incur additional fees)
  •    Unlimited E-Blast Emails
    We will populate a client-supplied new item or offer into an E-Blast, and send to subscriber list. (*large lists can incur additional fees)
  •    Customer Marketing App
    We will develop and manage a customer database and automation system based on the Active Campaign platform. You will have access to view and edit customer and prospect data.
  •    Drip Email Campaigns
    We will setup and automate drip email sequences to nurture and convert email subscribers.
  •    Landing Page Development
    We will create custom landing pages to compliment email campaigns.
  •    Expert Consulting
    We will work with you to develop marketing automations for client retention, lead nurturing and customer loyalty rewards campaigns.
  •    Discounted Email Copywriting
    We will assist in strategizing and writing marketing emails to nurture and convert customers and prospects.
  •    Triggered Email Automations
    We will design and implement targeted and triggered email automations based on subscriber demographics and activities.



Design and copywriting of Facebook ad campaigns including split testing of copy, targeting and landing page conversions.

Add on the Facebook Advertising Plan if you want to…

  • Attract a larger social media audience
  • Encourage viral sharing of your business and posts
  • Target new prospects based on demographics, interests and past history
  • Retarget past website visitors, customers and ad viewers with new offers
  • Boost your incoming leads for your sales team

  •    Creation of Multiple Custom Ads
    We will create and run multiple custom Facebook ads based on internet marketing best practices.
  •    Ad Split-Testing
    We will create and run split-testing to determine the most effective ad spends based on your business goals and target audience.
  •    Daily Campaign Monitoring
    We will monitor the campaign every day and make adjustments as neccesary throughout each month.
  •    Monthly Reporting
    We will provide reporting each month detailing the performance of the previous month ad spend.
  •    Monthly Campaign Ad Spend
    We will create and run a Facebook ad campaign and purchase the listed budget in ads per month. The campaign can be focused on Facebook page likes, app tab landings, or website clickthroughs.

  • $200 Ad Spend