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The SEO Roadmap

SEO RoadMap Checklist

Recurring SEO Tasks

LEVEL 1 | Google Penalty Avoidance


  • Noindex Page Scan

    A 'noindex' meta tag is used on a page to prevent it from search indexing.

  • 404 Error Repair

    This is one of the most common 4XX errors and indicates that the requested URL does not exist.

  • Canonical Redirection Review

    A redirecting URL specified as canonical can be misinterpreted by the search engines; such conflicting instruction can be ignored. As a result, wrong (non-canonical) page version can be indexed.

  • Canonical Points to 4XX Repair

    When the search engine crawler is not able to access the specified canonical page, this instruction will be ignored, and wrong (non-canonical) page version can be indexed.


  • 3XX Redirect Compliance

    Even though Google announced that any redirection method is good and will pass PageRank, Googlebot is not the only visitor of your website.

  • Redirect Loop Scan

    Redirect loop happens when a URL redirects to itself or when a redirect chain redirects to one of the URLs within the chain. This creates an infinite loop of redirects.

  • Broken Redirect Repair

    Redirects that point to a page returning one of the 4xx or 5xx HTTP response codes. These URLs can be accessed neither by your website visitors nor by the search engines crawlers.

Recurring SEO Tasks

Keyword Research
4 credits per website
Keyword Research is the process of discovering the supply/demand data for any given search term. It is considered to be the backbone of SEO (search engine optimization).
Keyword Research is best done during the planning portion of any website, but it also serves as a fantastic barometer for already established websites as well.
This is how we will discover the best opportunities for growth, find the lowest hanging fruit, and revitalize the content/marketing strategy of your business.
  • Use Keyword Explorer (ahrefs) to find 200 keywords.
  • Categorize the 200 keywords into buckets according to topic. 
  • Define the Core Keyword, Secondary Keyword, and Accessory Keywords
  • Create Title Tags for each piece of content

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