Use Buyer Personas for Facebook Marketing

Posted on in Internet Marketing

If your small business is using Facebook marketing, then you need to maximize the return on your ad budget. Buyer personas help you to target the audience that will be most responsive to each ad. You can develop great buyer personas by following these 5 steps:

1) Brainstorming Customer Needs

Identify the pain points and goals of as many customer groups as possible.

2) Brainstorming Customer Demographic Attributes

Organize your target audiences by their location, age and other traits.

3) Brainstorming Customer Psychographic Attributes

What connects with your audience, what brands and ideals do they identify with, what hobbies do they enjoy etc?

4) Analyzing and Validating Findings

Use your existing customers and research to confirm your findings.

5) Brainstorming Prospects Behavioral Traits

Identify how customers buy your products and services. What are their buying habits?


For more details on these steps, and how to apply your results to your Facebook marketing campaigns, read “How to Develop Buyer Personas for Facebook Ads”