Daily full backups

Your website and content is safely stored in offsite backups in case of an emergency – or just when we need to bring something back that was changed in the past.

Hosting and performance

We provide and maintain your website’s hosting. We’re constantly monitoring for any performance or down-time issues, so that we can fix them fast.

Monitoring for malware

We provide real-time monitoring for malware, brute-force and other website attacks – and constantly update our protection to prevent unauthorized access.

Software/plugin updates

We review any software and plugin updates available for your website every week, and update those once they are deemed safe and compatible.

With Site care, you don't have to worry about your client's websites.

You've been frustrated by outsourcing to freelancers in the past.

We get it.

And we fixed it.

We'll be part of your team

Our goal is to feel like an extension of your internal team. Meet your new web department.

  • Your dedicated project manager will:

  • manage our developers to keep your projects on track and on budget
  • adapt to your internal processes & systems to integrate seamlessly into your team
  • provide guidance on web tech and strategy
  • and even participate in client meetings as your "development director" if needed

Quality Work Delivered On-Time

For over 14 years, we've been designing our entire business model around providing white-label web services to our agencies.

  • We'll outperform your past freelancers with:

  • a well-rounded team of designers, developers and SEO experts
  • a dedication to hitting milestones and due dates on-time
  • a guarantee to deliver on budget
  • a focus on industry standards for code quality and performance

Cost-Efficient & Scalable

When you have the work, we have the capacity & expertise. And when you don't, we won't cost you a dime.

  • The benefits of a virtual web team include:

  • the opportunity to offer web without a the risk of a full-time hire
  • or assistance with unexpected demand on your existing team
  • zero-overhead to absorb when things are slow
  • wholesale rates (since you handle sales and account management) to allow significant margins

site care for client's responsive website

Don’t Offer Web Marketing to Your Clients?

It’s time to help your clients bring their business online

And in the process, create a profitable and recurring revenue stream that naturally grows as your clients see the potential of internet marketing for their businesses.

Most marketers don’t have time to learn to provide internet marketing, and most traditional marketing agencies don’t have the ability to staff, manage and continually train a web department in order to provide these services.

Already Offer Web Marketing to Your Clients?

Consider us your interactive temp agency. Your pinch-developer.

Well, you get the picture. We’ve helped 100’s of agencies handle overflow work. We conform to your in-house workflow and can be helping you climb out of that backlog by this afternoon.

That’s where we come in. We will be your virtual web department. We’re cutting edge and on-demand, with no overhead – no cost unless you’re billing time as well.

Site Care 1

We're Trusted. Experienced. And Passionate about being part of your team.

But don't take our word for it. We have 14 years of agency relationships to prove it...

Site Care 2

“I guarantee your team will love working with us. Try a block of credits, and if you are unhappy for any reason, we’ll refund all unused hours, no questions asked.”

Mateo Baisden

Principal | Director
Site Care 3